TL;DR: What do you hate about the current interview process for software dev positions?

I have been reading interview related posts on reddit and other places and I have noticed that there is a lot of hate, especially from more senior devs, towards the typical software dev interview pattern i.e. the one focused on algorithms and data structures and I don't understand why. The current methods may be far from ideal but I think they do a good job of eliminating the false-positives. Plus, I can't think of a better alternative. Sure, by using current interview methods some good devs might get rejected because they haven't used/needed/studied many algorithms and data structures after they left college, but for any big company that gets thousands of applications every year, that wouldn't be a big issue compared to the negative impact a false-positive may create. I am still in college so I maybe biased, I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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    Instead of asking senior devs to become mindless parrots you can eliminate false positives by giving an interesting technical problem to solve.
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    It is because in most of the company specially in India most of seniors are useless. Most of them got the position because of some connection.

    Technically they don't know anything. As they never worked on real project. Hence the algo parts.

    Why senior dev hates it?
    Being in the industry for so long we have to constantly upgrade our self. We consistently learn new technology and real life we use existing library.

    So. Basically Aws, NPM, dDjango etc stay in active memory rather that algo and data structure.

    So, a real developer would never ask you algo rather the question will be related with the project for which they are hiring.

    For example. We were looking for someone who was good with google maps and know Cartesian system. So the interview question.

    Bottom line those people who ask algos are the people who have not much dev experience and they did not want to take blame so the algo and ds.
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    For some reason many of the technical jobs I applied for, they never asked me any technical questions..

    They was all 'people skills' questions.

    The few that did ask me questions, afterwards, one told me they didn't understand my answers !

    I liked the ones that gave me a problem to solve and I solved it, though oddly they never offered me any of the positions, even when I beat all the other candidates with my skillset !

    They always seemed to pick the idiot..

    I have asked friends/etc. about that, and they reckon its because management don't like to pick anyone smarter than themselves..

    So I guess the trick is to find a company that has management smarter than me..

    But what if I'm the smartest person on the planet..

    Oh well, at least if I become management again, I can reverse that trend and start hiring people not as smart as me !

    But I see plenty of folk here smarter than me, so why aren't they in management !
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    @Nanos Holy shit you sound so arrogant :D I don't think the reason why you were not hired was because management was afraid of you outsmarting them :D If you went to interview with such an arrogant attitude then I'm pretty sure that you've raised multiple red flags :D
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    FX [ Smiles @ zemaitis ]

    It's so nice to get a useful bit of feedback.

    Usually when I ask, everyone says "Oh no you don't come across as arrogant at all".

    I don't suppose you could break things down a bit more and say in what way(s) I sound like that, or what specifically I said that gave that image.

    How might I appear less arrogant ?
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    > There's a shit load of management

    > here on devRant

    But are they smart management, or dumb management ?

    If smart, how do I get them to move to my country !
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    > - the implied "I'm smarter than every

    > interviewer who has ever interviewed

    > me because they didn't give me the job"

    How is that arrogant ?

    I've got to know some of the folk who got the job I didn't get, and they was pretty useless at the job !

    I remember one place, after hiring someone instead of me, they decided to change their hiring policy to only hire people with degrees, to try and avoid getting another idiot.

    It didn't work though, as the next person they hired was also a complete idiot..

    But, the person after that, wasn't !

    They were the new boss, who sacked 1/3 of the workforce because as they put it, they needed to clear the deadwood from the workforce.
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    > you're just not paying attention

    If DevRant was built better, it would easier to spot management stories. ;-)

    I guess I could dip into it more often to try and spot them..

    Any examples would be interesting to read.
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    I know not all management are stupid.

    I'm reminded of a job I applied for.

    Now you might ask, how did I know I might get it..


    The head of the department asked me out for dinner and went on and on about how their department needed someone like me who knew their stuff as hardly anyone knew anything.

    So, I thought, well, I'm in with a good chance there !

    Apply for job..

    Interview selection panel = that manager, and two other people..

    One from HR, and one a random member of staff..

    Those two voted for a someone with no experience in the job, whilst the manager voted for me.

    They was outvoted, so they got the no experience person who turned out to be useless and untrainable !

    So, whoever thought it was a good way to hire staff by having a selection committee, wasn't really thinking it through !
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