WHY does VS code load up Pandas dataframes so damn slowly? It’s bad enough that it seems to take an extra few seconds to get PyQt5 going, but the dataframes are awful, even with small 50 record Parquet files.

I don’t have the attention span to sit there and wait for this without finding myself playing with my phone or surfing.

I guess for debugging and testing I should just create a column A, column B, column C dataframe on the fly and give it some 1, 2, 3 kind of values.

But, Jesus, man... This shouldn’t take 30 seconds to load a simple form. 🙄

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    I guess something seriously wrong with your environment.

    - someone who played with dataframes and parquet files of size around 2 GB.
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    @fsck-mount Yeah, I don’t doubt it. No idea what that is, though. Got VS Code pointed at Anaconda. Latest version of Python and Pandas. Just updated a couple of weeks ago.

    Problem isn’t there with Geany, Notepad++, etc.

    I need to devote time to digging around on the Internet and seeing if I can figure this out.

    And I can’t imagine how slow 2GB would be on this thing. 😄
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