Saturday morning. 10am.
Me: happily sleeping on the sofa in a friend's apartment.
Boss calls: 'oh did I wake you up? Can you please develop this mockup over the weekend?'

Being half asleep I agreed.

Well. After 7h without any break it is done. But one Saturday is lost and I'll never get it back :(

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    Are you getting paid for that or...?
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    @Jilano yes I am. But I forgot to ask for a weekend bonus 🙁 I should do it, I guess.
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    @Emphiliis I strongly suggest that you do, yes.

    And good luck!
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    @davenall All time is your time.
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    @davenall or or wouldnt cost more ;)
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    What if there is no compensation for any extra time spent after working hours?
    This happens alot in my new work and nobody is been saying anything.
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