Javascript, Javascript everywhere

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    Not sure if stupid, or never used JavaScript.
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    I never used Java or Javascript, so I don't get this meme but I'm curious as I've seen many people here hate them, anyone care to explain to me?
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    @Gaveuxifort 2+0 = 2 and 6+6 =12 in JavaScript, the op is just stupid.
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    @deodexed Eh, thanks dude. Ofc it is but JS has many caveats regarding that kind of stuff and you missed the point of the joke xD I guess if I have to explain it...
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    @DanijelH caveats ? When did caveats become the synonym of lack of knowledge ?
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    @deodexed You're serious? If one is saying this then you're no JS developer. Just watch this. https://youtu.be/et8xNAc2ic8 Also I bet if you and I sit down you wouldn't know half of that stuff you Internet warrior.
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    @DanijelH bashing a language for its quirks is usually a sign of lack of knowledge and I wouldn't trust someone using YouTube as a reference but keep thinking that feller.
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    @deodexed You call that quirks? 0.1 + 0.2 not being 0.3 is a quirk? Seriously? YouTube as in showing you a JS conference? Have you seen at least 2 or 3 minutes of it? You my friend deserve to code in Java inside eclipse for the rest of your life and be satisfied with it because you obviously have no opinion of your own. Those are not quirks, those are madness and you're one funny dude.
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    *grabs popcorn*
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    If youre referring to concatenating integers to strings, isn't this valid in every language? If I add an integer to a string I expect it to be appended to the end, if it was added to the number in the string that would be unexpected behaviour.

    Like sure js sucks at a lot of things, just not this
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    @woodworks You're right, this is valid, I guess the joke isn't so obvious after all because lot of developers takes this literally and wants to spread their knowledge that this is valid xD
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    Sorry my question caused some arguments here. Back to my original question, would you explain?
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    @Gaveuxifort You have nothing to apologize about. Take a look at the video I posted above, it will show you some weird stuff with JS. In a day to day development, you don't usually meet with them but it's a good thing to know that they are here and to be aware of it.
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    I'd rather spread knowledge than your bullshit memes, as of now you're on my shitty devs list.

    @Gaveuxifort what that fucker didn't care to explain is that in JavaScript, string has a '+' operator, so does number, but when you do 1 + 'two' it's equal to '1two' because the number gets coerced as a string.
    This one is actually logical, but you might find strange behavior with other things and when you don't know Jack shit you end up with a post like this on devrant.
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    @deodexed You're a real ppl person aren't you, employee of the year, great mentorship skills. I really do hope you're not spreading your "knowledge" to anyone because you seriously lack in teaching manners the same as in sense of humour.
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    I love how there's a huge argument here but this is in the joke/meme tag... It's obviously a joke
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    @HHeLiBeBCNOFNe Well some people don't get that and take the sarcasm literally. I wonder if they react like that in real life 🙈 ..but it could also mean that it's simply a bad joke xD
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    @DanijelH True. The post made me laugh tho so I don't really care if it's accurate 😂😂
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    Let’s strip js out of this world. None of the website will work. Including this app 😵
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