Conversations between 2 java programmers.

Me: How it's possible that your code works?
Frank: I don't know. I try 10 times, and each time, I get an error.
Then I take a break...
Eat a humburger, play ping pong, drink coffee.
Me: That's it?
Frank: Yes
Me: I need a break...

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    I have solved many issues by taking a break. Sometimes it’s because it helps me think better. Other times it’s because stuff gets cached and taking a break let’s it clear. Either way it’s a good idea.
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    thats literally what i am doing right now as im writing this comment... im a java dev exhausted from coding so im now working out to code more productively and then i see this rant...
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    Could someone Layman this for me?
    The text is contradictory in the first two lines between you and Frank
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    @jespersh While the formulation might be uncommon, it's not wrong. This is a transcript of a conversation between two Java developers: OP and his friend, Frank.
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    @SukMikeHok Exhausted from all that needless typing? 😉😋
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