What are folks thoughts on this?


It’s basically an mturk model that pays out etherium to python coders.

Im skeptical about

1. Cryptocurrency payment for work, I don’t know enough about crypto to trust it’s use as payment?

2. Payment for open-source work: on one hand, i support workers getting paid for their work, BUT (imo) the coolest part of open source is that it’s one of the few environments where people work for the works sake, not for $$.

I had a bigger list but it left my brain as I was typing, so what do y’all think?

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    @davenall how do you feel about aws capitalizing on databases as a service using software they added nothing to?
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    @davenall isn’t centos just rhel with trademarks removed and made easy to build? Idk, never really used it
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    Doesn't look too bad actually, I might give this a shot in the future.

    As far as cryptocurrencies go, Ethereum is fairly reliable, so if you have any use for the ETH (or have a platform you can use to sell it), it's not that bad of a deal. You don't even care about the current price, as long as you sell it fairly quickly (since X $ of Ethereum will still be worth X$ in the next few hours/days).

    The only caveat seems to be that the people who offer the bounties can always reject your work so you don't get paid, but I guess that's a risk you'll have to take.

    Other than that, of you found a good offer that you can complete, I'd say get a (secure) wallet and give it a shot!
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