ive been coding all day for days and as i was sitting trying to code more features something mentally hit me like, invisible falcon punched me, like something snapped inside my mind and i literally lost balance in my brain and could not control my balance, if i stood up i would instantly fall down, picture it as trying to walk without bones in your body, fortunately i was sitting down on the chair so i didnt collapse on the floor, it felt like there was no gravity and i was just floating, but my head started falling down on the table as i was sitting, it was outside of my control, and then everything started fading to black, my brain could not even think anything at this moment, i wanted to speak but i forgot how to speak words, not even joking, turned out i slipped into unconsciousness for a few moments and got back up, slowly regaining my balance and speech/consciousness control.

what the fuck just happened

i am surprised i could remember everything what happened until i blacked out

why didnt anyone warn me these are the consequences of working extraordinarily harder?

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