Conversation with Microsoft support I had after 1 hour:

“You’ll need to wait for 15 minutes”
“By the way did you know you have 5GB free OneDrive storage with a Microsoft account?”
“I’m a customer of a 1TB onedrive plan”
“Well if you’re interested in using it, you’ve got 5GB for free” 🤦‍♂️😔

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    Poor guy... He was just trying to help, damn it!

    By the way, did you know you have 5GB free OneDrive storage?

    What was the initial issue about, if I may?
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    I’m sorry but our team are currently working hard to fix it

    By the way did you know that you have 5GB free OneDrive storage with a Microsoft account?
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    Not sure if you knew but you also have 5GB free with your Microsoft account.

    But that seems to be common with ms support, they always seem to mention a small benifit of your account, had it with my Xbox account when they told me a gold subscription gave me 4 games a month when I messaged them about an issue with my subscription .-.
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    @devTea @lxmcf I think @bcye commited "sudoku" with all the free stuff he got :x
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    @Jilano is that a pun for seppuku?
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    It’s probably something to do with turning your negative experience positive.
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    @devTea ... Maybe? :D
    It comes from unknowledgeable people trying to use words they don't know. A bit like "Shakira law, thou hips shall not lie".

    @620hun Pretty much, yes, and it must be in their check list whenever they get a call.

    "Your machine crashed after an update, the took fire, entire house burnt down, but hey, gotta get dem free 5GB mate!"
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    Well, sorry, your Windows license is corrupted and you will be sued for stealing our intellectual property.

    But hey, after you get out of the jail, you can get 5 GBs free with your Microsoft account!
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    @Jilano which free stuff
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    @bcye I meant the "5GB etc." But wanted to avoid the redundancy with all the other comments, haha

    Anyway, I truly am sorry for your misfortune and hope your issue got resolved.
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    @Jilano yeah, eventually after 2 hours
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    @devTea why not just use *GAME END*, it has Pyrocynical Seal of Approval
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    Just checking that the OP realizes he has 5GB free OneDrive storage with his Microsoft account?
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    @rdcoder It backfired.
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    Recently I was calling an ISP and had to wait for 25 minutes after answering some questions to a speaking bot (wow, it's happening). Then I spoke to a support guy which, at the end of the call, did let me know that there is a offer for a faster connection for just 5€/month more.
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    @Jilano Hey! We say commit sudoku here too :D
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    @SmollPotato *transatlantic high five*
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    @Jilano you dam right *high five*
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    They are forced to ask, why are you being an ass about it?
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