Note to self:
The power button on Ubuntu 16.04 while TeXstudio is open won't just open the panel for shutdown, lock,... it will also close TeXstudio... and shutdown my computer.

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    But wait, there's more: imagine now a laptop where both backspace and del are in proximity to the power button.
    One misstep on one of these buttons and it's computer shutdown! Lmao
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    True, but thats not the fault of Ubuntu but the program. Steam also automatically closes because it knows that you're gonna turn off your computer.
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    @Jifuna I know it's not Ubuntu's fault when that happens. What I still wonder is why can't I choose to suspend the computer instead of seeing it shutdown since the panel opened? Cause I doubt TeXstudio would send a signal to the computer to tell it to shutdown upon press of power button.
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    @KuroTenshi67 yeah, that's weird. I have ubuntu 16.04 and that doesn't happen.
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