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When you're sitting on crowded public transportation and can't hear anything unless your phone is closer to your headphones than anyone else's, i.e. unless it's close as shit to your face 😍😍😍

When you want to listen to music for longer than 2 hours or several times during your workday but can't because the BT headphones last 2-3 hours 😍😍😍

When the left and right side don't pair with each other but you can pair with each individually 😍😍😍

When half of the button presses and user interactions aren't documented and there's no way to forget a device 😍😍😍

When you try to connect a new device to them in a public area and just see a dozen random serial numbers, so you have to wait and hope they get resolved to the headphone brand name 😍😍😍

When Satan takes your soul and the Bluetooth connection drops in hell 😍😍😍

When the music quality is lower and can experience static and maybe even skip in between 😍😍😍

When the bus hits a road bump, it falls out of your ear, and rolls halfway down the bus 😍😍😍

When it takes a long time to find them because they tiny af, and just as long to find the charging cable 😍😍😍

When manufacturers cannot agree on a standard volume sync system and so you have to check the volume and adjust every time you connect and disconnect your headphones 😍😍😍

Can we please just stop making everything Bluetooth?

Someone who just wanted to listen to a 2 minute billie eilish song but found it easier to sing in his head

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    You have shitty Bluetooth headphones.
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    I have pretty cheap collar headphones which last for ~8 hours and never have connection issues.

    Small bubs Bluetooth headphones (like airpods) are shit in general as there's no way to have decent battery and antenna. So you basically pay more for less.
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    Go to Amazon search for bt headphones in your price range and sort by best reviews. Choose one with 30+ reviews and 4.5+ 🌟. Boom. Now you found good headphones. Don't cheap out too much
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    This is why I was sceptical about Bluetooth ones and bought a wired one again. 😅
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    Bluetooth is a trainwreck.
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    Everybody here complaining about bt headphones. Mine last 10h and are charged in 30 - 40 min. The audio quality isn't remarkable, but it's fine. They cost 30 € I think. However I have these that are connected with a cable. First I was sceptical as well, but they can be really good. The biggest pro is that they save you the hassle of needing to unknot them constantly. In addition you don't have to worry about your cable being to short or hiding it under your clothes
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    I have Bose QC35's and they are the pure heaven. Comfortable, enduring, great-sounding,... HEAVEN 🙌
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    I have a pair of B&O H9is and H8s and I adore them.

    12+ hour battery life (with ANC).
    Pressure sensitive touch gestures instead of capacitive (can work them through hoods and with gloves)
    Great audio
    Great passive & active cancellation
    They look dope as shit
    Customer returns and warranty are very generous.

    A pair of my H8s broke and they replaced them (after a bit of niggling) and they replaced a pair of my H9is after they exhibited some firmware issues.
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    @irene recommend pls!! I have buds because I have to move around a lot but I'd gladly switch to collar ones

    @wholl0p bruh I could buy concert tickets to see her live for the price of qc35's!

    Also I realize headphones is a bit vague in this thread, I'm talking specifically about earbud headphones, the kind for phones and such. Where I am it's a colloquialism (we just call over-the-head ones and collar ones "headsets") even though it's probably wrong 😂
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    @woodworks mine are Philips sbh5950
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    @woodworks Yeah but I think the QC35 last a bit longer than a single concert ><
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    @irene /devrantgold

    @wholl0p I wonder if my favorite bands are hiring a software engineer 😂 my wallet will kill me if I cash out on these
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    @woodworks gold? which gold? 🤔
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