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    Just had to
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    No need to imagine.

    I use Android Studio every day so I know real pain. But damn, the architecture and patterns I can unleash on my projects are so good, because the static type system (Kotlin/JVM is a stronger typed superset of Java) makes the impossible possible. And my i9 says 🖕 to compile times. So I'm good, no thank you, GTFO with your toy languages.

    I don't miss Python nor PyCharm a single day, and I laugh in the inside at coworkers working with JS.
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    @vocuzi 😅🤣 oh hi, 9647th person who noticed this. 😀
    @eeee brolo 🤗
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    @ceee not this again. I was here first! And @ceee has the perfect right to have a similar username. They are unique and if you ask any language it'll return false for @ceee == @eeee, except JS, you can never be sure with JS.
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    @eeee even js will return false I guess 😅🤣
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    ERROR: == undefined for the object of the type: "account"
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    @eeee no it's illegal in java
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