So this is my history of frustration. I started working in a project for an aviation organisation with a guy. We're finishing the users zone. Few months ago I passed all the project to github (yes, the project was in the server and he uploaded files there, he didn't even had a localhost). So I moved and created documentation for the project, because the code was a mess (he creates variables like $row54895 and the name of the files are like 'zonatrng' it's really impossible to know what does what). Then he created a new branch and he started to do a lot of things in one branch in which he had removed a lot of things I did because he likes his way (he's not even an engineer, I am! ). So I told him to create one branch for each feature/bug/etc. We had a deadline for November 24, but with all this things I'll not be able to do that. Today I received this message from him "we should delete github and upload directly to the server, it's more easy". I'm really tired. I'm working in this project because I love aviation, but I don't know if I will be able to continue working with someone that messy. BTW, I can leave the project in any moment. What do you think? What should I do?

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