I just found out today , that my pm had mistakenly committed the email id and password of his account(which he probably used for testing) in the public repo in github.
Although he subsequently removed it, I can see it in commit history.

The point is.....
I don't kinda like him...
Any mean ideas....?

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    You should’ve known the answer shouldn’t you?
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    Publish bad commit messages 😏
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    The question is, are you chaotic or lawful?
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    @ilPinguino A bit of both. I don't wanna do any big damage but still want to do something mean to him
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    Send an email around offering everyone in the office free donuts
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    @fattymiller You could do that without the email password :)

    @xkill Well... something mean? If you know any other accounts that are registered to that email address, reset their passwords (nothing important though) - and enable 2FA on the PM's mail account to maintain access for yourself, if that's possible in your system.
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    Does signing up to newsletter require password?
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    @devTea Great idea. I am going to sign him up for all the spam newsletters in the world
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    You'll either get fired or arrested or both. Don't be stupid
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    push -f ftw
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