Fuck, there‘s this cool tool react-admin. I want to use it as generic CRUD UI for my framework. Basics work already.

But fuck it this fucking react crap a PITA. Who for fuck‘s sake invented that shit? Damn facebook crackheads ..
JSX ... the worst idea ever.

I worked with vue before and then .. easy, just awesome.

But this crap is utterly unproductive, way too complex, ugly syntax, needs an unholy shit if dependencies, let alone the build system ...
Fuck u react fuck u ...

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    React was the easiest thing I have ever learnt, especially coming from oop. It has some downsides, but your points are complete bullshit...

    Jsx? Best idea to abstract html and overcome it’s limitations (not like in vuejs fucking write everything inside your html template, mix it with fucking logic and then weeks later wonder what the fuck is wrong, or worse doesn’t compile because of internet speed...). Also, mix it with styled components and you can get rid of css files. Oh and in the end you are even force to use, you can follow traditional, function based method, if u think it’s any better.

    Syntax? Are we talking about same reactjs? As far as I know it’s the same syntax as in vuejs and every other modern js app - es6.

    Dependencies? There’s only 2 core packages for react to work: react and react-dom.

    Build? Welcome to javascript, I know, it sucks, but to build any fucking module you need shitload of dependencies and configuration, so don’t complain.
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    You hipsters think that vuejshit is the only right solution to every fucking application, well, let me tell you - it’s fucking not. It’s just stupid framework for ignorant developers not caring about best practices and future proofness...
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    Lets agree to disagree shall we?!
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    @gintko vie is surely not the only right solution but its easy, powerful, fast. You can chose to implement the ligic ur way. Components r super easy to implement.
    As far as i ve seen it in react-admin, its not
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