Fuuuuuck this.

The shit i see at work with some fucky codebases.

I should have just gone to music school.

Oh ya, i never shared that with you devrant fam. I was going for music school before comp sci.

But yeah, wonder how that would have gone.

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    "The shit I see at work with some funky rhythms"
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    same here bro and i finished music school for 6 years i got a degree and diplomas from the queen of england herself but i abandoned music world when coding pulled me in
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    They are similar in a way. In fact, we could write code to produce music.

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    @SukMikeHok holy shit man that is awesome!! Do you ever miss it?
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    @AleCx04 no lmao my parents forced me to play the guitar and i was actually one of the best which is why i got 6 diplomas from the queen for 6 straight years
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    Oh, even I thought of taking music as a career but after doing a few documentary soundtracks I realized that I couldn't do it for money, music is too personal a thing for me. So here I am in dev, lol.
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