Can anyone recommend a cheap mini-pc / NUC, I only want to run Ubuntu on it.

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    Meerkat from System 76?
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    Depends what the predominant requirement is, power consumption, money, size
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    Why not a Raspeberry Pi? There is a Ubuntu Mate image for it.

    Low consumption, cheap, small, and you get some GPIO pins to fiddle with electronics too.

    It's not very powerful though.
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    I would prefer it to be under £100, £120 max. I know with some you have to buy ram and he’d, which I don’t mind, I have a couple of components lying around

    @Fradow although I could run it on a raspberry pi, I’d prefer an X86 arch so I can avoid possible compatibility issues
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    If you have a spare powersupply and ssd lying about the asrock j5005 is not cheap but reasonably fast, normal x64, x265 support and super power efficient
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    Intel computing stick with Ubuntu pre-installed
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