At least i can use Rider i guess

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    Depends on what you are building, but you probably need a Windows machine to compile.
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    It may just be me, but I seriously don't get why some people prefer Microsoft products...
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    @kasperNS because they are used to it !
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    Is it bad I don't follow leads' lead when they can't lead?

    No, it isn't.
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    @KasperNS I’m the opposite, I can’t figure out why there are not more. You get a flow blown IDE with all the bells and whistles, source control, a CI environment for automation of builds and deployments, plus private repositories for npm, nuget, maven ext ... for personal or commercial use (limited to 5 users) all for the whopping price of free! And it’s not like they are shit tools I love VS and VS Code. Show me a better free set of IDEs! Plus you don’t even have to use windows for ASP or console anymore.

    Now with that being said, once you hit 6 users for commercial use... leave! The tools are good but you get more bang for your buck from something like jet brains. Some are just as good or even better for some work flows. And even if they are not as good, it’s not worse enough to justify the cost difference.
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    @pain0486 that's a fair point, but personally I experience a lot of problems with Microsofts products. Here I'm talking rider vs visual studio. Asp core vs javascript. Windows vs Mac osx. And holy crap don't get me started on azure.

    Haven't personally tried hyper-v, but haven't heard many people ecstatic for it
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    @KasperNS if you have not tried them in a while... I’d recommend trying VS code and aspnet core. Both of which are cross platform and open source friendly (angular, node, react,etc) and I see it all over conferences. Did not believe my eyes when I saw how many web devs using Macs and VSCode 😳. If you don’t have a pretty beefy machine, I wouldn’t recommend trying VS. Its got a big foot print depending one project size it can be a bit slow. MS has really come a LONG way in even the last 5 years. I personally have been coding with VS on and off again for 13 years with little to no friction, I know that isn’t the case for everyone though.

    I do like jet brains products. Can't say I would use them over MS ones but if they were provided at work, I wouldn't complain one bit.😝
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    @pain0486 I've been actively working with .net core for the past 4 months. And I won't say it's bad, I just think other options are better (just my opinion). Can't say I've worked with vs code, and that may be great, but because I'm a student I'm lucky enough to have jetbrains for free.

    But generally, my experience is that, everything Microsoft offers, I can find a better, and more stable, alternative
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