Kind of makes it seem like I code all the time, doesn't it?

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    Modifying the README doesn't count as coding bro 😱
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    Or sis? Amy? Sorry, didn't read your name at first
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    Lol @konzeptraum Well, one README *is* 1243 lines, but I think that was only a few commits. ;)
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    Whats the project all about
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    @mojo2012 Good question, good question. It was actually a bunch of different projects for the most part. I started Lambda School in April (the contributions before that were from doing the pre-course to be accepted in), so they were different small projects to learn LESS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Node, Express, React, Redux, Mongo, Python, Django, SQL, GraphQL, and C.

    The contributions in October were for my project (with the hilariously long README) for Lambda School Labs, which is an in-house apprenticeship where you’re split into groups of usually four or five students and a Project Manager, get given a wireframe, and then have to make a tech stack decision in the first week and build the application in five, culminating in a capstone defense where you have to defend said project to a panel of professors. Our app was a POS targeted to independent contractors.

    And then the most recent contributions are the LISP interpreter I’m working on and my portfolio website.
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    @AmyShackles woow I could use such an ambitious helper in my OSS project 😅😊
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