My fingers itch to do fun projects.. but coming up with a good idea is a pain in the ass.

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    What type of project do you want to do?

    CLI tool? Web app? Service? Extension for another project? Game? Learn something new?

    Which language do you want to use?
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    Pick something that you think is fun. Than break it down in to so many bits its not fun anymore. So that a computer can do it. That's always fun for me. Or setup a challenge and sick two ai learning programs on it. And give 1 an advantage.
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    @apokalipscke i think a mobile app. I do that for a living, but those are not apps that i enjoy building.
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    @JohnDoesNot if you want to make apps while you want to learn something new, I suggest you PWAs. It's a fun way to make apps if you know how to develop websites
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