Client so scared someone steal their code (even though we’re the one who make it), they block some access to internet website, also block nuget site

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    They don't trust you?
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    @delc82 they don’t trust us, even though we’re the kne who make all the apps
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    99% of code written was written better by someone else. No offense, but there are more rehashed ideas in a different language than original ideas.
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    @bkwilliams I don’t think using a 2009 library at 2014 project is a good code, the docs also missing
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    On a side note, I love you @devTea always upvoting me
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    If they're worried about code being stolen they should be blocking the incoming traffic, not outgoing. To block outgoing traffic you need excellent and extensive knowlege of your infrastructure and network traffic, I'm talking about down toindividual packet inspection level.

    Wide sweeping network blocades are as effective as landmines in your front yard to keep people from trampling it constantly. It'll also ocassionally cause explosions periodically when that neighbour dog chases a squirrel across it or some drunk stumbles into it at night.
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    @theKarlisK still not a reason to block this stuff, we’re the one who’ve been making it, I have to work on remote computer just so they can be sure their code belong to them, I can’t listen to youtube while working and if the internet lagged a bit, I got zoned out
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    @devTea not defending them, rather pointing out their futility and potentially their incompetency... I don't want to give them any ideas but have they audited the developer PCs?
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    @theKarlisK rarely I would say
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    A fresher working on my code, uploaded it on Github... When I asked why he said, "sir! I thought this is how I can share the code with you" :facepalm:
    An experienced person (3-4 years) I was interviewing, told me by mistake that he has all the code of his previous company on a USB....

    You must have heard a news of a developer who posted some important code in a comment on social media site by mistake.

    It's difficult to know how responsible a developer is. Though I'm not in the favour of blocking all the sites, and was never blocked by my any client yet. I feel that we can use our personal device for personal work (YouTube, Gmail, ...) And development device to access relevant sites only (including YouTube,... If applicable).
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