Client so scared someone steal their code (even though we’re the one who make it), they block some access to internet website, also block nuget site

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    They don't trust you?
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    @delc82 they don’t trust us, even though we’re the kne who make all the apps
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    99% of code written was written better by someone else. No offense, but there are more rehashed ideas in a different language than original ideas.
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    @bkwilliams I don’t think using a 2009 library at 2014 project is a good code, the docs also missing
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    On a side note, I love you @devTea always upvoting me
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    @theKarlisK still not a reason to block this stuff, we’re the one who’ve been making it, I have to work on remote computer just so they can be sure their code belong to them, I can’t listen to youtube while working and if the internet lagged a bit, I got zoned out
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    @theKarlisK rarely I would say
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    A fresher working on my code, uploaded it on Github... When I asked why he said, "sir! I thought this is how I can share the code with you" :facepalm:
    An experienced person (3-4 years) I was interviewing, told me by mistake that he has all the code of his previous company on a USB....

    You must have heard a news of a developer who posted some important code in a comment on social media site by mistake.

    It's difficult to know how responsible a developer is. Though I'm not in the favour of blocking all the sites, and was never blocked by my any client yet. I feel that we can use our personal device for personal work (YouTube, Gmail, ...) And development device to access relevant sites only (including YouTube,... If applicable).
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