Buying a thunder purple 1+6T on Thursday... It will have more memory and more storage than my daily use computer (a Chromebook). Going to install UserLAnd, get a folding Bluetooth keyboard and a stand.

Laptop replacement. No, seriously.

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    Did this for a while in school. It's quite handy and more portable than a regular laptop. What's unfortunate is that you really can't do much coding on it unless you have a desktop you can ssh into. Depending on your use case though this might not be an issue.

    EDIT: I guess I should mention I'm on the 1+5t with the 8g option with vanilla oxygenOS.
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    I have the 1+ 6 and i love it. And it actually have more storage than my linux partition and the half of my laptop's ram 😂 i downloaded the termux app (i do a lot of bash script) and a IDE. All I need is a Bluetooth keyboard and im complete
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    PhonesAsLaptop Squad!
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    @lights-a5 lookup what UserLAnd is -- magical
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    And you are a Dev??
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    Y'all before you comment "you can't do dev on a phone" look up what UserLAnd is lol Linux chroots for Android that run quite well
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