Client(over the phone):- I want an Android app where there job seekers and recruiters.

Me:- sounds reasonable enough, ok

Client:-i want job seekers to apply for the job and recruiters to post the job.

Me(gets a bad feeling);- doable ok.

Client:- and I want an admin user who can see all the users and do everything.

Me(yup there it is):- what do you mean by everything?

Client :- you know everything, talk to recruiters talk to see everyone using the app, you know everything.

Me :- no I don't know this "everything" that you speak of, tell me more, what screens (activity) should that have and stuff.

Client (getting irritated):- everything the admin user usually does.

Me(yare yare daze):- i will show number of users in a graph.

I have a feeling this is not over yet

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    Ah yes, the elusive "everything".
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    Come on bro just display *everything* even the users passwords in plain because who needs to hash or salt passwords
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    This should be called if Mark zukkerberg started LinkedIn.
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    Tell them what you will do and have them confirm it. Otherwise you'll open yourself to scope creep...
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    @Wack that is exactly what I was planning on the next face to face meeting to get this shit in writing.
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    You should add a red button to the side written in fat:

    “activates everything”
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