Not entirely sure if should be said an IT company but yes I would mention SHAREit.

The well known file sharing software, I remember using it most of the times for file sharing between my Android devices, it previously was only meant for "File Sharing" but now they're just more into ads, video recommendations, news etc etc "useless stuffs".
I mean who the hell in this world would like to open a file sharing app for trending WhatsApp video recommendations? Getting notifications in a language unknown to me? Who has even asked you all for this.

I know ads gives you profit but atleast not the trending movies and all for a file sharing app.

It was good overall in the start but now not they're not working in a way they used to.

PS: image below is a SHAREit notification for someone doing black magic on a kid. See, stupid stuff! not even a news to be read just fake stuff. Atleast show some serious ads or else just rollback to your previous version.

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    I didn't even agree with any of what you said until when you wrote "someone doing black magic on a kid".

    That is seriously retarded, ridiculous and offensive!
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    @asgs haha that's why that image :P
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    "You don't have ShareIt😱😱😱"
    I get that everytime someone asks me to send something.
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    @Samaritan same happens with me. I prefer Mi Drop or other methods instead.
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    @Samaritan just make them use TrebleShot for God's sake
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    This! It's like what happened to ES File Explorer, just one day, randomly, infected with the most intrusive set of ads with no warning smh.
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    I mostly share files with my laptop , so i just use samba server and mixplorer.
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