Guys it's stupid but how do you get motivated for coding ? I'm actually learning C++, it's my first programming language but it's hard to continue, I love coding and making games but I'm a real newbie and I'm 90% of the time completely lost, I've made 1 shitty game but it's from a tutorial, and for c++ I'm still stuck with overloaded operator.
I'm sorry for my awful english but it's not my mother tongue. Do you have something advices ? For example stopping completely playing videogame ? Thx ;)

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    I actually installed RedHat Mandrake (I think it was named. Or Mandriva?) back then and just started playing around with code. Since there were no proper games on there, that kept me motivated to just code as fun instead. This was 15 years ago.
    Today I got Windows again and play games.
    Sometimes you just gotta go full retard and do something no one does.
    A good thing about C++ and games dev today, is that Unreal engine has a shiteload of articles, wikis, videos, tutorials. Everything imaginable you could need to get started.

    I wouldn't recommend installing Linux today to get started with C++ and games dev.
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    Motivation is cool and all but you need to put in the effort. If you really want to program then spend more time on it. Do more projects. Throw yourself into it. Nobody's going to push you.
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    The issue with you is that your programming concepts are not clear, thus no interest even thou you are motivated. Try understading it, type it, read it till you understand the concept. Once that clear you will feel like doing programming or improving your own code or someone else code.
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    Thanks guys it really help me, maybe I should have some friends that share the same interested, the coding community is really nice ^^
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    @irene I'm really motivated, maybe it's c++ pointer and overloaded operator my problem, maybe it just takes times (I'm coding for something like 10 days)
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    Pointers are just special syntax for integers that are used to access a global array.

    Overloaded operators are just syntactic sugar for function calls.

    Those concepts are so simple, there isn't much to "understand". It's mostly about remembering the right syntax, which happens automatically after looking it up a few times.
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    Update: my problem was ... the course, it was an outdated and apparently bad course, I've talked with someone who gave me a better C++ course and it's a loot better, I'm actually on steroids. Thanks a lot anyway !!!
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