If I wouldn't have studied computer science my second choice might have been astronomy. Dang, space is so fascinating. Love watching documentaries about it when I go to bed :o

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    I actually got into computer science because I liked astrology and had to do an assignment for a programming class in high school, which I didn't enjoy much. Found a way to make it fun: with a solar system simulation. Who says you can't combine the two? 😁
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    @Elyz i think you mean astronomy not astrology..
    And ye, can relate :)
    Was considering studying physics because of this at some point ^^'
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    Dude same. Now it's just one of my hobbies.
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    @hasu haha you're totally right. That's what I get for commenting on shit right after waking up. Just gonna leave it there for the giggles 😂
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    @Elyz lol.
    It's funny when customers mention astrology and then they notice you semi-deathglaring at them and they instantly go "oh, I'm sorry I meant Astronomy" and you still politely throw the one sentence difference between the two at them. Its fun xD
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    Space is scary..and also depressing.

    As many others i was always fascinated by space, exploring it. But as it stands we are sitting on this rock and dont have much to leave it. Some specialist can leave it for some time, but the current tech pretty much kills our meaty bodies pretty quickly or at least leaves permanent damage (and i dont even speak about radiation). Without a fuel efficient way to constantly accelerate or some quantum mechanic gravity field we are basically cursed to stay here.

    We can observe, calculate and do all the fancy things. But everything remotly sci fi is of limits. Even if we could haul a sleeper ship to the next system noone of us would ever hear of them. Space is vast, we are tiny. I really wish we could explore it :/

    But maybe it would be the next disappointment..more dead rocks.
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    Wow. That is exactly me.
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    @hash-table ah I see. I'm more to observational astronomy though haha.
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    Yeah, actually pulled physics through (only to become a software engineer or what), but there was unfortunately little about astronomy or general relativity. Never got really through that tensor calculus.
    But now my 5yr loves rocket launches and space stations, so I can learn that exciting stuff again
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    I totally agree with you. Astronomy is my passion. I read articles about Sun https://solarstory.net/objects/sun , planets, satellites, and so on because I really like it. I wish I lived during the time of active space exploration :c
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    @Hauptbahnhof Isn't it becoming more active again with more nations and commercial actors joining in? Or were you thinking of Star Trek like exploration - which I fear is incompatible with our current understanding of physics?
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