is it just me or do people with a CS degree know way less than those who don't have a degree at all?

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    Common sense is required , in end of the day !
    Until it holds, I have no issues with it!
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    It follows a Poisson distribution, like most things. Most are average, a few are very bad, a few are very good.

    You probably got the bad end of people with a CS degree.

    As a rule of thumb, people with CS degree tend to have more theorical knowledge, and less experience than people without.
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    What knowledge are we talking about?
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    Well I done CS degree and can safely say it was a waste of time. Computer science is the biggest jargon factory.

    Like, might aswell be called "Computer degree where we teach you computer shit with very little specialism and then you graduate without having enough skills to get a real job."

    Serious, my degree never got me my first job (connections ftw), 2nd job I didn't even have experience but computer market is bs. And now I'm contractor so don't even have it on my CV.

    Computer science with placement year, was 4 years of wasted time imo and the people I met...smh. everyone from "never used a keyboard" to "Hey I'm cool cos I use Linux, look how green my terminal text is".

    Fuck computer science!
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    @ me next time . Just kidding, but this is like my biggest fear! I’m currently in school and I’m so friggin’ worried I won’t know enough to actually do anything. I honestly wish I could just mentor with someone who knows what they’re doing
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    Generally: no. But it depends on what topic we are talking about. I'm working in the aviation industry which requires a given knowledge that would not be able to be taught to anyone. We talk about standards, guidelines, patterns, etc.
    If we talk about web development e.g. experience has a much higher value than pure knowledge.
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