*goes to the local town hall to get my new ID*

A week ago:
Clerk: Sorry sir, our systems don't work anymore, we can't process your request!
Me: Epic. Is there any sysadmin in here that can fix this pronto?
C: No it's a centrally managed system. It's managed by the people in ${another town}.
M (thinking): Well how about you fucking call them then, fucking user. Screaming blood and fire when nothing is wrong server-side but doing nothing when there is. Fucking amazing, useless piece of shit.

One week later, i.e. today:
M: Hey, I'd like to renew my ID card. I've got this announcement document here and my current ID card.
C: Oh no I don't need the announcement document. I need your PIN and PUK code letter.
M (thinking): What the fuck do you need that for.. isn't that shit supposed to be my private information..?
*gives PIN and PUK part of the letter*
C: Alright, to register your new ID card, please enter your PUK and then your PIN in this card reader here twice.
M: Sure, but I'd like to change both afterwards. After all they're written on this piece of paper and I'm not sure that just destroying that will be enough.
C: Sure sure you can change them. Please authenticate with the codes written on the paper.
C: So you'd like to change your codes, right?
M: Yeah but I'd like to change it at home. You know, because I can't know for sure that this PC here is secure, the card reader has a wired connection to your PC (making it vulnerable to keyloggers) and so on.
C: Impossible. You can't change your PIN at home. (What about the PUK?!)
M: But I've done that several times with my Digipass for my previous passport.. it is possible and I've done it myself.
C: Tut tut, impossible. I know it's impossible and therefore it is.
M (thinking): Thanks for confirming that I really shouldn't enter my personal PIN on your fucking PC, incompetent bitch.
M: Alright, I'll just keep this PIN, try at home and if it's really impossible because the system changed to remove this functionality (which I highly doubt, that'd be really retarded), I'll come back later.
(Just to get rid of this old stupid woman's ignorance essentially.)
C: Sure sure...
Me: I'd also like to register as an organ donor. Where can I do that?
C: That'd be over there. *points to the other room in the town hall*


.. anyway. I've got my new ID and I'm an official organ donor now 🙂

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    That's so stupid. I can definitely relate to incompetent people leading you astray. That's how I was forced to pick a new doctor when I moved city despite preferring to keep my old one. Apparently you "can't" and you "have to" have a doctor in the city you live in. Ugh 🙃

    And go you for signing up to be an organ donor! It's important to make a decision on that so your family won't ever have to.
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    Weird story... And we're you able to change your Pin from home?
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    Welcome fellow organ doner! (:
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    @Yamakuzure haven't checked yet, will do today. I'll keep you posted 🙂
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    Congrats on being an organ donor!

    Unfortunately I only have a couple pianos and a harpsichord.

    JK, I'm an organ donor too, welcome to the club ;-)
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    It's kinda interesting with that organ donor thing. In Germany you only have to have small paper / plastic card. Those you can either online for 0.00€ or sometimes get it from your doctor.
    No need to register and you can change your mind easily.
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