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    Pro tipp: the USB symbol is always on the upper side. 😉
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    lol was a usb c drive i bet
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    There are also regular USB where putting it in either way works. I believe JBL have those for the new usb power adapters
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    @Yamakuzure what if the port is upside down?
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    what if the port is the wrong USB ? :P
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    @sexoverflow Then put the device the port is in back on its feet?

    Well, I have never seen a Laptop, PC, Monitor or Hub where USB-Devices had to be plugged in upside-down. *shrug*
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    Reminds me of a date I went on.

    We approached a gate (One of those swinging things, not a logical one..) and I opened it !

    My date was shocked !

    The asked me, how did I know which way to open it when it didn't have a sign on it ?

    Well, apart from looking at the gate first, you could see there was something in the way to prevent it being pulled open, so that left pushing it open..

    And there was also the trick of, you pull gently first and if it doesn't move, you then push, making it appear as if you intended to push it all along !

    I'm also reminded of a story my mum told me about her time in hospital, when someone asked her how did she know which way to open the door ?

    She told them, if its got a handle, you pull it, if it hasn't, you push it.
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    @Nanos I hate doors with handles that you have to push. I have a mini rant in public every time I come across one.
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    Doors I hate are ones that you have to push, that don't have a window in them.

    So if you aren't careful, you end up opening them in someones face.

    Other doors, are those with sensors that aren't very sensitive..

    So you have to stand and wave your hands around, or blow hot breath at them.

    That ones that open when you whistle are useful, especially if your hands are full !
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    @Nanos product design 101 mate.

    The thing is, most of door have handlebar on two sides. That why most of it have to labeled
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    @bcye 10 bucks😂
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    Nope. Type c usb requires 2 tries...
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    @Yamakuzure Unless the port is sideways.
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    @devios1 then it is always to the right. 😊
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    @Yamakuzure unfortunately I have encountered one upside down port. That one took me a few tries. Just couldn't believe it.

    If the two holes are open it's right side up. If port is sideways twist right. Unfortunately this is a hard one on monitors. Is it from rear or front perspective?
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    Some older desktops did require USBs to be plugged in upside down.
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    Which witch had a Nintendo Switch?
    Add a switch(witch) with a case for Nintendo_Switch.
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    * I'm no witch, I'm the boss! * feelz
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