How do you deal with the constant feeling of uneasiness about not being able to come up with useful ideas? I'm not a genius, but I do pretty good work for a pretty decent size company with pretty decent size clients. I've always been good at building, just not so much at coming up with the ideas. The thing is that I just want an idea that I can be heads down on that people will actually use. I've been struggling with this problem for the last few years and it's not getting any better. Is it the same for everyone else?

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    I just attempt to solve problems in the simplest manner that is supportable and upgradable.
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    To clarify, I'm not talking about ideas to solve problems in apps that you're already building/have a plan for. I'm talking about coming up with new, useful app ideas in the first place.
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    I can relate... I always try to make up some time to learn new things, improve but I always stumble at the same problem.

    One thing I can say is: Think about something that would be useful for you and don't worry *too* much.
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    @korengali no one cares about your solution, they care about taking care of their problem. Don’t build solutions and go looking for problems because it will solve them poorly.
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    There's a reason we have only *one* Google, only *one* Microsoft, only *one* Uber. I know competition exists but being the first is most important imo
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    @beegC0de there is also one Taco Bell, 7-11, and Exxon; because company names are trademarked not because they are good.
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    @bkwilliams millions of people would disagree
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