Is Microsoft technology associate certification in java and android has any value in cv/resume?

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    (Almost) anything can have value depending on what job you're looking for.
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    Always add all the things you did, worst case scenario, it at least shows you did something else that most people didn't do. Shows commitment, dedication, whatever, they'll see something different, even if it's not even relevant for the job!

    Just don't over do it :v
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    @rui902 I agree with your last sentence. If you have 6/7 years of experience in development for example, there is no point in saying that you used to babysit when you were a teen.
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    @Jilano Exactly, it's to put you in front of "competition", like, recent grads.

    After you actually have your own *unique* experience, don't add random stuff. But still, in this case, a Microsoft certification is somewhat related, and I think it's always gonna look good...
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