That I really hate svn.
It is completely useless compared to git and I can not understand why one would use it for any project with more than two people.

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    @irene *the* shit, or *a* shit?
    I have never heard of it, you think it's even good to at least try out?
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    I used SVN once, I don't know why even for a single person maintaining a project SVN should exist. It is just so bad...
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    I like SVN especially with Tortoise. Super easy to use, unlike that Git shit.
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    @irene which shares only the name with Tortoise SVN. And Git's GUIs usually implement only the "everything OK" case. If anything fucks up, you still have to go for the shitty Git UI. Only that now you also have to find out what the GUI has done.
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    SVN is a relic. It was good in its time, but these days Git can do everything SVN can and more.

    Yes, it's more complex, and yes it's harder to use and work out. But taking the time to learn it properly is definitely worth it - you'll find all sorts of tools and use cases that come in useful all the time.
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    @Fast-Nop I was just about to say this. Went from using Git at my previous job to SVN with Tortoise at my new job, and I really don't mind it. It's been working great so far 😊
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    SVN is merely okay...

    ...until the BDB that backs it shits itself, and then you’re in for a fun time
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