This one should be named ‘The Unclean Code’ 😂

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    Can someone send me a copy of the "counterpart" book "Reading code that noone else can read" please?

    I have to fix almost 50 security flaws in a Rails project that has been developed by an intern who seemed to have experience only in Perl, PHP and severe substance abuse...

    So we're talking manual SQL with string interpolations and templates with tags that were deprecated in HTML4.

    I'll need medical marijuana before the year's over...
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    @ilPinguino delete everything and rewrite it as a side project
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    @mishaor Im not allowed to do that. It's a huge project and that'd take about four times as long as just monkey patching the security issues...
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    @ilPinguino then try to read the flawed parts of it and then fix them in another branch. If anybody else in your team knows Rails, ORMs for Rails and/or HTML5, ask them for help.
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    @mishaor I'm supposed to stick to the security issues. Everone else on my team knows Rails and we have a dedicated frontend developer, but I'm pretty much alone on the security front and everyone's up to their ears in work.

    Besides, the project's on a constant "we'll kill it soon" status so no real work gets put into it - only security fixes. Which means it's mine and mine alone.

    Well, fuck it I guess. I'm gonna climb the mountain and then be happy once I'm on top of it.
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