I've just found out that the Chinese can even fuck up the most basic of manufacturing processes. A goddamn fucking perfboard, why on Earth would that need good adhesive with decent mechanical strength, right?!!

Initially I was told by other electronics chaps that the adhesive under the pads melts because I'm soldering at such a high temperature (470°C). Well I thought at the time that these boards are really shitty and their adhesive is garbage, and now that I've even seen a cold pad just rip off cleanly, I guess it's confirmed. That adhesive IS fucking garbage and that temperature on the iron is really just fine.

Well, I guess that I'll just design my own PCB's then, and hope that JLCPCB isn't even more Chinesium shit. Because honestly I'm pretty fucking sick of it.

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    Quality rant. Never go cheap with chinese electronics. Mostly worthless crap.
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    Get OSH Park to build em? Or dirtypcbs. Good experiences with all of them
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    China did well on mine. Hit up PCBWay.
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    @epse I haven't yet heard of these manufacturers, thanks for the suggestion! 😃
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