POSIX parallel processing with thread sync is beautiful!
So complex yet so basic :')

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    I would not call it beautiful but it's pretty 'Ok'
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    Rly? I'd say actors maybe,... But anything with POSIX on it I find usually pretty messed up (like sockets for instance - maybe because the tackled problems are hard, or partly because of historically accumulated entropy)
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    @wholl0p Naww man it's beautiful

    @phorkyas Coming from C#/Java, seeing C/C-POSIX handling mutexes, sockets as file descriptors, thread barriers and state changes in something as simple as an integer amazes me, compared to the big ass objects we've come to terms with these days
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    @azuredivay those big ass objects scale well and are way easier to use overall, especially when you have to put multithreading in your application.

    But yeah, raw(-ish) threading is pretty cool.
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