Boss(Engineer Degree): Did you find any solution?
Dev: Option A is not possible, so i'm analyzing Option B.
Boss:(Sends me the first Google search result of Option B)

My god! I'm in presence of an illuminati! You save my day.

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    At least the boss is trying to help. If they didn't say anything, you would think that thet don't care enough for you. Its your job to research that, and the boss just wanted to show a way, so calm your tits.

    If they would send a deeply analyzed stuff, you would feel angry at them for telling you how to do your job.

    If they insisted on option A, you would go nuts of them licking the dicks of the clients and not listening to you.

    So what to do to satisfy you ? The only thing i learned on work life is to ignore people like you, who doesn't know what they want and mind my own business.
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    @Hubot-0x58 We both know it is not a joke. Even if it is a joke, it doesn't justify the action. Please tell me, What would the boss need to do, in order to make you happy ?
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