got a mail 10 minutes after I finished a 10h shift that my contract won't be refreshed after 4 years ripping my ass off for this fucked up organization. apparently not because of lack of competence but of personal reasons. that's what you get for not being a sheep and having an opinion. my (ex)boss didn't even have the balls to say it to my face.
fuck them! I don't need people like that around me - neither in my spare time nor at work - and I wish them all the worst.
happy holidays motherfuckers!

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    This probably is the best thing that could have happened. It probably doesn't feel like that but I believe there's something better for you coming up.

    Good luck, stay strong!
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    @pullervo already adapted that mindset. thank you for your words :)
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    I hope some unsavory types meet them in a dark alley for a Christmas gangrape holiday 😇
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    @Root Nice 😂
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    @Root all I want for Christmas, iiiiis.... 🎵🎶🤭
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    Sometimes it may be for the best. Happened to me few years back, and turns out after I left in a year that entire freakin team got shut down and permanent folks were adopted by other totally unrelated teams.
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