But why...... :|

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    I like that Rick Sanchez - Action-Figure on Gods desk.
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    I’m getting sick of these memes that pretend it is the language’s fault for the shit people build with it. PHP is a dynamic and tolerant language which means you can really fuck it up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    We don’t blame the hammer for a shittily built house. Stop blaming languages for shitty programmers.

    I mean unless it’s Java obviously.
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    @devios1 said it well!

    Php has some weird things (every language does), but it is very powerful and has a great open source community. They’ve also made massive optimizations to the whole codebase in the last few years - which is impressive especially given the size and age of the codebase.

    Also Java sucks.
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    @devios1 @FelisPhasma
    > I'm getting sick of people saying letters suck. Y is great! But X sucks.

    Good job.
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    Fuck PHP...
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    Let's start a counter
    People ranting 'X sucks'


    Maybe people will stop doing it.. 🤔
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    @LeMeow and for others who think I'm criticizing php.....

    Look at the rank clearly
    I asked
    "why people hate php...?"
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    @devios1 learn to understand a rant first
    Later, you may give your hammer lectures
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    @de17 I interpreted the "but why" part as 'but why choose php... ' 😬
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    @Root so... you need to take a look at this: https://dictionary.com/browse/...
    I was more just making a jab at Java. No need to get triggered.
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    Where do you guys come from...🙇
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    @FelisPhasma Did you just? 😂

    @devios1 would be correct in linking to that as his sarcasm was obvious. There is no trace in sarcasm in your comment, however; it reads quite seriously. Any error here is on your part.

    Also, I'm not a thin-skinned "tolerant" leftist. Triggering me is basically impossible 😋
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    @Root Your comment read as triggered :)
    See, one of the things about text-based communication is that it is hard to tell what tone people say things with, and different people will have their own interpretations.
    I threw in the jab at Java as more of parallel to the previous ranter’s final comment.
    Perhaps my sarcasm wasn’t obvious, but in the context of the previous comment and the rant I think it was pretty clear.
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    @FelisPhasma Ha. Don’t fuck with @Root. She can take take care of herself.

    Anyway I don’t even know what we’re arguing about anymore. The Java thing was a joke.
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