Both [mylastname].de and [mylastname].com are taken. Sad.

And it is not even such a common name.

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    I'm sure, [mylastname].tk won't be taken. Check it out at http://dot.tk
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    Was it .tk that made money by redirecting to advertisements?
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    I had to get [mylastname].xyz :/
    [firstname . lastname] is usually okay though
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    @RememberMe yeah but I can't have my customers type in firstname@firstnamelastname.de espcially since my last name is 10 digits and hard to spell to some people.

    But I tracked down the owner and it seems like there is a way to come to an agreement here.
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    Got nihlen.io just this Friday. They're also pretty cheap for the less common names
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    verantwortlicherobermacker.de and responsibletopbanana.com are still free.
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    @Fast-Nop well I can see why lol
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    1. Rent responsibletopbanana.com
    2. ???
    3. Profit
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    My last name is an extremely common (and pretty!) dictionary word. Absolutely taken.
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    My last name is also super common, so as soon as .app domains opened up I bought mine. I already owned the .com version of my full name.
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