Be me. Use DDG to search for nearby bowling alleys. DDG provides reviews in form of Yelp. Click "read more" on review. Yelp transfers me to a bogus url, which prompts

"Open in Another App?

Would you like to leave DuckDuckGo to view this content?

No Yes"

And then, without letting me click "No", I get automatically transferred into Yelp's page in the app store, and if I try to go back, I just get redirected again.

Fuck off. I just wanted to read your reviews in the browser. I had no interest of downloading your app just to read a couple of reviews, and I most certa-fuck-inly have no desire to download your shitty app now.

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    Think of their needs!
    They can't steal as much data when locked inside pf a browser, so you're hurting their poor bottom line! All because you want to use their service in a convenient manner. You're a horrible person.

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