The uplink on my college's WLAN is 3x faster than the downlink. The fuck?

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    @irene I'm moving around stuff with ssh and scp, the uploads are snappy but downloads suck :(
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    Same here. 85mb down 170mb up. Well it's fun when we all try to use it and it lags.
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    Uplink. This makes the word upload look so childish.
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    @nitwhiz it's a cool term :)
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    It's because most people use more downstream bandwidth than they use upstream ones. That's also the reason why home internet contracts have such a low upload.
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    That's pretty common for academic internet connections. Download is used far more than upload by most users, so there's less bandwidth available per user. Also, they need good upload speeds for the researchers who need to transfer large datasets and whatnot
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