I hate how difficult it is just to schedule a meeting. Friday at 10 becomes Monday at 10 becomes Tuesday at 9:30 for some reason. Now I'm standing here, meeting is pushed to 10 anyway, and everyone is waiting on the director who's taking his sweet time. So now it's 10:15 and we're just waiting, hoping we can just get some actual work done before lunch.

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    I don't invite anyone more senior than my own boss to meetings for this exact reason.

    But sometimes you have to. So I just do real work on my laptop while we wait.
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    Wow, that sound horrific. Because of the seniors?
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    Well, I'm a newer hire, but this website project is 2 years in, and still in the design phase. That severe delay is why the director is getting involved. But his schedule is so bad its delaying us even further.
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