Co-worker loves macos' features/interface but for him, an operating system being open source is a very important thing.

So important that he ditched his mac for a Linux machine. (regular Ubuntu)

Today we recommended him Elementary OS.

Guess who's completely in love!


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    good guy coworker
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    I tried elementary os and immediately hated it for everything it is.
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    You could also recommend manjaro, without any modifications or theming, it's quite pretty, and has a rolling release. Aur helps too.
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    Looks like a neat flavour; I'll check it out. Thanks!
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    Elementary OS is great and all, but it currently has no way to upgrade between versions and you'll have to do a clean install just to be able to use the latest version.
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    Of all distris I had the best out of the box experience with Elementary OS. Just hating, that it is based on Ubunutu. I dislike Ubuntu (mostly because of the company behind it). Elementary OS based on Debian Testing would be perfect.
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    @jibberdev919 Open source software can be patched extremely quickly, it can be independently verified/audited by anyone, anyone has the option to adjust it to their needs, it's very hard to hide backdoors in popular open source projects.

    Also: we're talking about a production environment, as said before, open source software can be independently audited and having proprietary software/applications on your network can thus be an unnecessary security risk.
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