So soon I'm gonna apply for a really basic web dev job. Pay will be discussed in the interview but it's not a lot of hours its once a week, I can stay home, it wont interfere with my college schedule or my schedule in general, it will give me job experience since I've never had a job before, itll give me a sneak peak of what the paid dev world is like. Also it raises my wage from 0 to whatever we decide on per hour. The only one really proud of me is my teacher of 3 years now. But this will just be until I get out of college because it's a comfy schedule

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    I hope you get the job. It's a good idea to have something besides your school to focus on and a relevant job is a great thing to have. Also helps ease any anxiety about being good enough as I've really found that school is a lot harder than the job in some aspects.
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