What do you want?

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    That’d be kind of funny if we turned the tables though. Like there’re more offers than there are employees. But oh well.. the world doesn’t work that way.

    Though I heard stories of the dot com bubble. People could take a lunch break and get an offer by the time they come back...
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    Reminds me of when they ask why do you want the job.

    Because it pays m o n e y..

    That's like asking, why do you want sex..
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    - "So what makes you interested in this position?"
    - "I don't fancy starving to death very much".
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    > - "So what makes you interested in this position?"

    Also applies in the bedroom too. :-)
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    Once knew a guy who asked for 110k, fresh out of college. Manager was like, I don’t even make that much. He said he would give her a 10% cut, if she could get him that.

    He got the job. Not at that price. But I can’t imagine how much more he got on that risky move.
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    @Nanos answer to that would be
    -> "I don't fancy exhausting myself to death very very much"
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