Today I learned that bugs in Proxmox aren't bugs because they're not *exactly* within the scope of le fancy PVE web UI.

Today I also learned that running Samba on the PVE host is stupid. No real reasons but let's assume security. Well it's decently secured, has good passwords, and the killer is.. it isn't even fucking accessible to the internet! And even if it was, privilege separation is no secret to me.

But clearly I'm an idiot for even thinking about running Samba on PVE. Well guess what?! PVE is aimed at sysadmins that want to deploy a virtualization server. It's not a big stretch to imagine that those sysadmins might be halfway competent and want to run external services on the PVE host, is it.

But apparently it is. I'm an idiot and bugs aren't bugs anymore. Go fucking kill yourself, motherfuckers in the ##proxmox IRC channel. I really hope that your servers will go down on Friday when you're on call. Fucking cunts 😑

Edit: IRC chatlog @ https://clbin.com/nU9Fu

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    I shouldn't have read that. But the guys name looks familiar to me. Think he's an arch elitist if I'm right which explains his attitude.
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    @PerfectAsshole "btw I use Arch"

    Only thing that's missing here.. yeah I use Arch on some of my machines but those cunts who think that Arch is the one for all.. those fuckers are the worst. I like Arch but running it on a prod server that I can't afford to go down? Hell no! Running it on a server of a client that I don't want to nanny 24/7 to see whether it's got updates and runs nicely? FUCK NO!!!

    I'm running Arch on some of my own servers (because deployment on Arch was easier for said servers), but the very idea of running it on everything.. fuck! No!!!

    That.. what was their name again.. zapotah? running Arch on everything including their cat, I guess it'd check out pretty well, hahaha.
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    @Condor "btw i use arch also"

    I'm going to be looking myself cause thats going to bug me that i know that name from somewhere. You have never came across to me as an "elitist bitch" arch user as i like to call them. They piss me off cause they act like they weren't at the point where they needed help at some point. I think it took to my third try before i had a fully working system without having to chroot in to fix/install something. Took until my fifth before i knew the steps by heart. So even though i will tell somebody to rtfm once in awhile it's always cause they wanted something handed to them and it was hard to miss. And even then i give the link where it was at.

    Realty bound arch is never an server distro but it can be stable enough to be one if you keep it minimal
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    On a brighter note, I've recently been gifted another machine, during the deployment of which I've found that Samba issue (which apparently has pid 1, i.e. systemd as its parent.. very weird).

    I've got myself a second Proxmox host with 4GB of RAM that's expandable to 8GB at least, and another one that I've scored a deal for at €60, by a guy close to my location that's selling it. A Supermicro server with 4 Opteron cores and 16GB of RAM 😁 I'll buy that one next week. So shortly I'll have 3 Proxmox hosts in my cluster, good for 28GB of RAM, 9 cores and 10TB of storage (which I'll likely have to either separate across the hosts or expand further). I'm stoked!!! 😁
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    @PerfectAsshole oh no, I didn't mean it like taking offense as "le Arch user" or anything like that. They sure as hell piss me off too. I just figured that this "sapport" chap might've very well been one of them too 😂

    As for me, horses for courses really. On some servers Ubuntu is the easiest, on others it's Arch. On other hosts like the Raspberry Pi it'd be Raspbian. Or Android. Or even (God forbid but RS5 actually seems reasonably stable) Windows 10... It just depends on whatever is the most suitable for the task.

    Trying to run Arch on everything on the other hand.. what's the point?
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    @Condor haha no offense taken. I just went on a mini-rant not watching what i was doing.

    Yeah i like arch for workstations myself but that's cause i like the minimal footprint and always new packages but you should always use the best tool for the job.

    Also that's neat that you're fixing to have a 3 node cluster. I've been thinking about looking for old computers to collect myself for that purpose but I'm not sure if i have anywhere good to hook them up
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    @PerfectAsshole old computers (or hardware in general) I've found works really well when you just let people in your social circles know. "Whenever you're planning to decommission something, feel free to bring it along to let me see whether I can still do something with it" or something like that.

    The home supervisor that brought me those computers and a bread baking machine for example knew that I can really use motors, transformers and old computer hardware for example. So that Dell that I've recently included in my PVE cluster was one of those, and from the bread baking machine I've got this odd 100W AC motor which I'm still not sure of whether it's just single phase AC or BLDC (i.e. 3 phase AC which I'll need a driver for). And the second computer.. well, let's just say that it was a shitty HP machine that sure lived up to the "HP engineering" standards 😛

    As for that server, I've found it on Facebook's Marketplace actually. For all Facebook's bad for, that marketplace sure is useful to score some good deals 😁
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    @Condor haha i passed up 2 old desktops laying on side of the road last week. Around here everybody throws old stuff like that out to the trash. So i know i could have a gigantic cluster if i had room for it. Guess it's one of the benifits to living in a technology backward town, nobody knows anything about technology so they just throw it out
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    @PerfectAsshole "but everyone has to always replace their hardware whenever a new OS comes out, right" 😝

    I hate the likes of Microsoft and Android OEM's (MediaTek and its OEM's in particular) with all my heart, but it sure is convenient that their "planned obsolescence" allows for some crazy good deals!

    As for where to put them.. still looking into that as well to be honest. My first PVE host is in my storage room, the second one I've just kept on my bedroom desk because it's reasonably silent and then it'd be on a different breaker.. and I don't have much room in my storage room anymore. Perhaps at some point I'll make that storage room a dedicated server room ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Condor Well alot of people around here still use xp. So i can't blame microsoft in my case.

    Yeah my spare bedroom is being used as my wife's junk room. All you can do is open the door the way it is now. It bugs me cause we have an empty shed in the back yard and she can't put that garbage there.
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    @PerfectAsshole hmm 🤔 perhaps consider putting Ethernet repeaters (or even dedicated Ethernet wires from the house) and power wires into there? I mean, garden sheds don't even suffer from temperature control within the house etc. It'd pretty much self-cool 😁

    Or otherwise just move the junk into the garden shed / somehow make your wife do it and make your Beowulf server room into it of course 😁
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    @Condor haha you have stumbled on one of my ideas. I've been thinking about buying another shed and finish the inside to be an office, adding a server room to it wouldn't be that hard but i have other things that i need to get done first like a fence to keep the neighbors away from my pecans in my backyard. Sneaky bastards come pick all the good ones at 5:30 am, found this out cause i was awake and took a walk to pick up some myself
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    Well, if it makes you feel any better, a VM on Proxmox crashed once so I temporarily ran the website on the Proxmox host itself :\
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