Saw this on insta.

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    How his laptop is working there?
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    If JavaScript makes you very, you're seriously doing it wrong.
    Dan youth of today don't even know they're born, you want pain, try supporting IE6, pixel perfect and functionality identical.
    That can drive a person to tears.
    Browsers today are superb, even edge and ie11 are brilliant compared to the shit we used to support.
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    @ThomasRedstone bloody autocorrect
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    I would change it to C.... Debugging very large 2D doubly linked cyclic list acting as an implementation of a sparse matrix for the exact cover problem. On which you have to perform operations in a very perticular order on specific nodes is a NIGHTMARE!
    I failed my last assignment because of it and I didn't get the assessment for the subject which means I don't have enough credits to continue to the next semester and I will be kicked out 14 days after the exam period starts.

    PS: I mean... It is nothing special they take 800 students every year and then kick out 600 at the end of the first semester.
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