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    Lol, Java is a nice language... Dunno what all the noobs keep moaning about
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    I think you should resave and repost this a few more times. There's a special surprise at the end of all the artifacts.
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    If I was the judge I'd pluck your eyes out and roast them and feed em to you. Don't worry I'll make sure to put hamsters on your balls. I'll pull out your intestine and use it like a straw to drink the new triple chocolate cookie thickshake the place next to me introduced.

    Of course you don't mind since you copy memes and prefer death.

    Death jokes < Poop jokes

    Every asshole who posts such stuff is an overrated noob who follows community guidelines of being funny.

    Sure Java isn't the best but it's a nice solution to make code run everywhere. It was kind of the first one too. You didn't have to make new code for each fucking computer.

    If you hate it that much just die like you wanted, well be better off without noobs like you.
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