Companies like this one do love exportation. What junior+ developer would switch jobs to an intern that is unpaid?

Not even students (Or graduates) can apply to this position.

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    Any of those skills in a different group would not seem too bad, throw them all together and I just see shit work that isn't hardly dev related.
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    @Schroedinbug backend developer internship that lets you do only front end stuff 👍
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    Plus that London certainly is so cheap to live in that you can even afford an unpaid job.
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    > backend dev
    > require front end + web design
    > unpaid
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    what the fuck
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    And what happens if you don't get things done? You're fired?
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    Offseyt time, with hours to suit the business?! Since when is part time eve about what suits the business? Especially if unpaid...
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    @They my guess is they don’t know what backend do🤔
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    Isn't anyone going to mention how they still use flash?
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    I'm struggling to choose the worst thing here:

    1. A backend web developer - wtf does that even mean

    2. Complete disregard for minimum wage rules (unpaid internships must be part of a higher ed course)

    3. Using flash
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    @Robinha I guess backend dev is the on who create bunch of API or web services
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    @They you should consider reporting this job ad to "Intern Aware", although their website doesn't seem to exist anymore so I am not sure how active they are.


    Also see

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    @Robinha you are a lifesaver! I'm in an internship and not getting paid right now since it's the only thing I could find.

    I'll report this ad for now and then report the company im working for after I leave this job.
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    @They definitely do that, you could also try Citizens Advice about your current position.
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    They called me today asking me to do the website for them.

    This is what they wanted:

    - A shopping system with the followings:
    - A bold nude color for a square bag.
    - A nude color incremental text, same color,
    to show case how many items are in the bag
    - Display items for sale per page (without ordering/quantity system)

    The bag must not:

    - Have circles in them
    - Have rounded edges at the top

    Told them to post it on freelancers and actually pay money. They said "No, we don't have the budget." (But they have the money to move offices... )
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