Safari's developer console seems to truncate the output when a string longer than 140 characters is provided as a non-first argument to console.log or when it's a value in an object that is provided as any argument. You get ellipses, with no way to view the full string. Hovering doesn't get around it. Neither does copying.

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    Who tf would develop using safari dev console? (no offense)
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    @ananaszjoe Haha fair question. I normally use Firefox, but in this case, I'm forced to use Safari because I'm making a Safari extension.
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    @dguo I'd write a logger fn for dev purposes that outputs stuff in the document instead then
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    @ananaszjoe As a workaround, I'm just putting all the info into a single string. For some reason, the issue doesn't occur for the first argument. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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