Trying to concentrate. Co-worker from another room standing there, BLA BLA BLA, and she's fucking LOUD. But she hates coldness, and it's below 0 °C outside.

So I open two windows, and guess who instantly leaves! Now it's cold, but SILENT. HAR HAR!

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    I suggest headphones or closing the door or simple ol' asking if she could speak without shouting
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    @jonii she was standing in my room, so closing the door wouldn't have been useful. And coldness is a more sustainable solution because it solves the underlying problem. :-)
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    Blizzard was super effective
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    Inspired! I'll remember that when a special colleague doesn't get any hints next time. 😊
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    Hey, there's another plus as well- you can now overclock your system a bit more, too!
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    He left through the window? :D
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